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Aravis Potions

Werewolf's Wrath - Werewolf's Wrath

Werewolf's Wrath - Werewolf's Wrath

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The Werewolf Ire potion, inspired by The Witcher video game/series, is a unique collectible for any alchemist, wizard or witch.
It is a mutagenic elixir that increases predatory instinct, dexterity and combat skill at night.

Very important: Read the entire description carefully!!!

This vial is a creation made by hand in the Aravis workshop in France.

-The bottle is in carved black glass "dragon scales",
-Measurements: 22 cm in height X 11 cm in width,
- Chain and imitation leather adorn the neck of the vial,
-A wolf charm is fixed at the bottom of the collar as well as two labels,
-Black glue topped with a wolf seal seals the top of the vial,
- A Viking seal adorns the back of the flask.

-These vials are used as decoration and cannot be drunk!
- Do not leave within the reach of young children (parental supervision required),
- Do not leave near a source of heat and in intense light so as not to alter the contents (lumps, loss of color),
- Shake them from time to time to avoid the risk of "packages" at the bottom of the vial,
-The potions being manual creations, they cannot all look perfectly alike (colour of the liquid slightly different from that of the photo, asymmetrical glue/wax drips)! We are doing our best ! Imperfection makes our potions more authentic. None are alike, and therefore, you have a unique creation!
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