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Hungarian Horntail Blood Potion - Dragon

Hungarian Horntail Blood Potion - Dragon

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The Magyar Spiked Blood potion (Hungarian Horntail Blood), inspired by the wizarding world, is a unique collector's item for any alchemist, wizard or witch.
Dragon's blood is a generally useful ingredient in making other potions. the peculiarity of Magyar blood is its rarity.

Very important: Read the entire description carefully!!!

This vial is a creation made by hand in the Aravis workshop in France.
- The bottle is made of glass,
- Measurements: height 19.5 cm / width 8 cm,
- The color of the liquid is dark red at rest, after shaking it becomes dark burgundy glittery red.
- Glue topped with a seal seals the cork,
- A dragon charm is attached to the glue,
- A chain is wrapped around the top of the vial.

Warning :
- These vials are used as decoration and cannot be drunk!
- Keep out of the reach of young children (parental supervision required).
- Do not leave near a heat source so as not to alter the contents.
- Since the potions are handmade, they cannot all look perfectly alike (slightly different shade of the liquid compared to the photo)! But we do our best! Imperfection gives more authenticity to our potions and since none of them are alike, you have a unique creation!

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Raffaele Borreca

Hungarian Horntail Blood Potion - Dragon

Camille Favre

Hungarian Horntail Blood Potion - Dragon